Grain Variety – Wakelands YQ Population Wheat

Grown at – Huxhams Cross Biodynamic Farm, Dartington

Suitable for – Homemade Muesli, Crumble Toppings & Added to Flour for Bread

Grown in Totnes Wheat Flakes have been flaked at our processing premises on the Totnes Industrial Estate and have travelled no more than 30 miles during its entire journey to reach you.

They are a delicious way to add more texture and flavour to your baking, ideal in muffins, cookies, muesli and added to bread flour.

This unique wheat has been bred at Wakelyns Farm, the Organic Research Centre, to produce a ‘Population’ wheat involving 190 crosses of 20 different parent varieties. The resulting genetically diverse seed is suited to organic and low-input farming and is able to better withstand challenges from pests and unpredictable extremes of weather.

This wheat was grown biodynamically at The Apricot Centre, Huxham’s Cross Farm, Dartington, Totnes.

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