Grain Variety – Naked Oats

Grown at – Richard and Mike Rogers, Underwood Farm, Beeson

Suitable for – Porridge, Flapjacks, biscuits & crumbles

Bag size:     750g

Grown in Totnes Oats have been grown on Mike and Richard Rogers’ Farm at Beeson, on the South Hams coast, they have been polished and rolled at our processing premises on the Totnes Industrial Estate and have travelled no more than 30 miles during their entire life journey to reach you.

Rolled oats are crushed whole oats and are suitable for porridge, granola and flapjacks. For more information and recipe ideas please visit our recipe page. We would love to receive photos and recipes of any tasty creations that you come up with and to receive your feedback.

Keep in the fridge and consume within 2 months of purchase. Oats are high in oil and ours have not been steamed, unlike mass produced oats, and so the shelf life of our oats is much shorter than you will be used to, we advise that you keep them in the fridge.