30/6/17 Where to Get Our Products

Packaging free Grown in Totnes oats at Earth.Food.Love
Packaging free Grown in Totnes rolled oats at Earth.Food.Love

We’re still gearing up to distribute our products more widely to independent shops and food businesses in Totnes, as we await our new packaging. But in the meantime we’ve dipped our toe into the water and are supplying two fantastic, innovative Totnes food businesses, so you don’t have to wait to get your local staples.

Our first outlet is the Totnes Food Shed, where you can buy our oat flour, oat flakes, oat groats, pea flour and whole green peas.

You might think that online food shopping is the preserve of supermarkets, well not anymore! The Totnes Food Shed is working with local growers and producers so that you can order food online and collect in Bridgetown on a Friday evening. If you want to collect food on a Friday you’ll need to place your order by midnight Tuesday, so that your salad and other produce can be picked in time and your order prepared.

I’ve placed several orders and find it quick and easy, it’s secure as you can pay with Paypal. I’ve ordered chard, salad, Challon’s Combe milk & sausages and goat milk ice cream from Dartington Dairy. A big draw is that this is the only place to buy Almond Thief bread other than from the bakery itself!


Our second outlet which is equally innovative is the new Zero waste shop Earth Food Love at the top of town, pictured at the beginning of this post. This fantastic new shop run by Nicola and Richard has a wide range of organic dried goods from pasta to chocolate coated quinoa puffs (a personal favourite), plus refills of peanut butter, laundry detergent, olive oil and other liquids. Bring your containers with you, or use their paper bags and reusable packaging and buy as many of our flaked oats by weight as you like!




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