14/5/18 Meet Our New Intern Claire

claire blog

I’m Claire and I am from Paris, France. I am currently working for TTT as an intern for 3 months via Erasmus +. Before that, I studied cinematography for 3 years in Paris and then decided to leave the city to discover the country side. I lived in a french ski resort – Alpe d’Huez – for 5 months and then moved to England to do a 5 months European Voluntary Service with Ambios at Lower Sharpham Farm, in Totnes.

I heard about Transition Town before but it was really once I got to Totnes that I started to learn more about the organization and its projects. I am currently working with Holly and Emily for the Grown in Totnes project. As a vegetarian, I believe this an amazing and useful project. I have been processing oats and wheats at the unit several times, turning them into flour and flakes. I really enjoy these practical days, as you can really see the product’s journey, from the farmer to the store – and the atmosphere with the volunteers is great.

I also made a short report about the unit, showing what we do there and what kind of machines we use to process the grains. In the future, we have some great projects ideas that are about to get launched: making some short cooking videos with the Kitchen Table – the idea is to promote our product and to give recipes ideas to the customers thanks to Sima’s great cooking. After a talk with Holly, I also decided to promote Grown in Totnes at the town scale, more for the potentials customers than for the stores and restaurant. I am going to go to the Totnes Market on fridays to present the project, bake some free food for the Totnesians and make them discover our amazing project and products. I am looking forward to fulfill these projects with Grown in Totnes!

One thought on “14/5/18 Meet Our New Intern Claire

  1. Oaken says:

    This is amazing and inspiring, i love that you have travelled all the way from Paris and you are working on community projects. Improving and premoting the small local businesses is such an important thing to do in small towns like ours (Totnes). As it is so hard these day for them to keep up and running with huge chains like Morrisons etc offering more affordable options.
    I hope more and more people will follow in your path and TTT will grow to continue helping small and local businesses improve communities.
    Go Claire!!!

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