12/6/17 Open Farm Sunday

Lena, our intern, represented us at Open Farm Sunday this weekend, here’s her report back from the successful event:

“We had a very encouraging day at the Open Farm Sunday, with lots of enthusiastic visitors to Huxham’s Cross Farm. It was exciting following the tour led by Bob Mehew, getting to see their biodynamic farm, the small borlotti bean plants and the population wheat they are growing for us.

The response of the visitors to our project was overwhelming and really encouraging, so we hope to have got some more people talking about diversity in farming and the range of local food.”

Now that’s what I call a free range chickens.
Population wheat growing for Grown in Totnes at Huxham’s Cross
Grown in Totnes at Open Farm Sunday 2017
Customers at OFM 2017
Happy Customers Buying Grown in Totnes Oat & Pea Flour
Borlotti Beans Growing at Huxham’s Cross – A Future Grown in Totnes Offering

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