Thank you for your interest in Grown in Totnes.

The initial funding for Grown in Totnes has come to an end. We are delighted to have succeeded in reestablishing milling in our local community and to have revived the local growing of grains and pulses for human consumption in our corner of the world. 

Grown in Totnes has evolved into the Dartington Milling Company.

After a heartening response to our July 2018 meeting on the next steps for Grown in Totnes and months of work to hand over Grown in Totnes to new guardians, the newly formed Dartington Mill CIC, made up of The Apricot Centre, The Almond Thief and Dartington Dairy  has taken GinT into its next incarnation.

The Dartington Mill CIC is relocating the operation to a combination of their existing premises to keep costs down and streamline the operation. They plan to restart milling in early 2019, when sales of flour and grains will be handled initially by The Apricot Centre, who have existing sales channels (online web-shop, market, delivery round) and delivery logistic capabilities. The venture brings together crops grown in Dartington that are then milled on-site and sold to The Almond Thief bakery for its bread, to the public and to retailers. From early spring 2019 customers will be able to buy a local sourdough loaf and local organic flour, with plans to add more grains in the medium to long-term.

Bob Mehew of the Apricot Centre will initially act as the contact point for Dartington Mill CiC.  Bob will periodically email customers with news and developments, so to receive these communication please email Bob on bob.mehew@apricotcentre.co.uk

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If you are interested in learning about our experiences in setting up local grain and legume processing facilities and working with farmers to grow crops etc then please also sign up to the Transition Town Totnes (TTT) newsletter, as we will be producing an interactive online document in the coming months to facilitate others to become part of the small scale crops revolution, it will be made available via the TTT website. 

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If you would like one of the ex-GinT team to provide consultancy to you then please contact the Transition Town Totnes office – 01803 867358 
Warm wishes,
the Grown in Totnes Team