Underwood Farm,  Mike & Richard Rogers & Nicola Bailey


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Situated right on the coast at Beeson, the farm has been in the family for over 120 years and Mike is in the process of handing the farm over to the latest generation, his son Richard and partner Nicola Bailey. Certified organic with the Soil Association, Underwood Farm build soil fertility through practising mixed farming with a rotation of crops and grazing to maintain organic matter and return manure back to the soil. They rear beef cattle as well as growing grains for Grown in Totnes.

What they grow for Grown in Totnes: Oats, wheat and spelt.

Old Parsonage Farm, Jon and Lynne Perkin



Jon and Lynne Perkin took on the tenancy at Old Parsonage Farm, on the Dartington Estate, in March 2015. Moving in with their two boys Alex and Matt, farm collie Jim and Jack Russels Trixie, Shandy and Fizz Whizz. 

They brought their initial herd of goatlings and took on the management of the Sharpham Jersey herd that year. “Dartington Dairy” was launched in 2016, working with a local specialist to make ice cream from their first batch of goats milk.

You can find out more through their website:


What they grow for Grown in Totnes: Green peas and wheat.

Lordswood Farm, Tristan and Gilly Bertie



Tristan and Gilly Bertie are organic and biodynamic farmers in Churchstow. As well as growing grains for Grown in Totnes they have a 55 head herd of South Devon cows and sheep, both of which are reared for meat which is sold locally.

What they grow for Grown in Totnes: Oats.

Huxhams Cross Farm, The Apricot Centre

Week, Dartington


 Huxhams Cross Biodynamic Farm is found on the edge of the Dartington Hall Estate in Week, near Totnes in Devon. The 34 acre farm is owned by the Biodynamic Land Trust which holds the land in perpetuity for sustainable food production. The Apricot Centre team are the first tenants of the farm. The team, Marina O’Connell, Bob Mehew and Dave White are developing Huxhams Cross Farm from a bare collection of 5 fields that have been down to conventional barley for the last 40 year to a rich and diverse food producing farm. 

The farm was designed using the permaulture methodology to produce delicious  biodynamic food, support biodiversity and to be low carbon. It is a learning demonstration of how the practices of biodynamic food production, permaculture design  and agroforestry can be woven together to create a beautiful, resilient and sustainable farm.

As well as growing wheat Huxhams Cross Farm produce delicious biodynamic eggs, fruit and vegetables which are delivered locally through its Local Food Round. Alternatively you’ll find their produce stall at the Totnes Friday Market. They also run a weekly Farm Club for local children to get their hands dirty. 



What they grow for Grown in Totnes: Wheat and beans.