Grown in Totnes is about increasing the range of local food available to the Totnes area. Our local farmers mainly produce meat and dairy. We need more variety for a healthy, balanced and climate sensitive diet.


Grown in Totnes is particularly interested in those staple crops that can be dried and stored; these principally include grains and pulses, including the many varieties of peas, lentils and beans. There is a ‘hungry gap’ in seasonal British food between January and May, when there is much less fresh produce available. To ensure our local food security we need storable staples.

The need for locally grown staples was a key insight from an exercise to map Totnes’s local food web, carried out by GinT member Holly Tiffen, in collaboration with the Campaign to Protect Rural England. You can read more in the resulting report From field to fork: Totnes, Mapping the Local Food Web” (click to view the report) .

Several grains and pulses are well suited to the climatic conditions of the South West, but in mapping the local food web we discovered that currently those grown here are destined primarily for animal feed. 


Grown in Totnes is filling this gap in local food by keeping the growing, processing, packaging and selling of these staples all within 30 miles of Totnes. 


  • reduce food miles
  • pay a fair price to local farmers
  • ensure you know exactly what has happened to your food on its way to you
  • let you know who has grown it
  • help increase local food security
  • keep added value in the local economy



We now have a fully equipped unit in Totnes Industrial Estate, filled with grain processing equipment bought with the help of our community, and locally grown grains and pulses.

Keep your eyes peeled in local shops, restaurants and food businesses for Grown in Totnes grains & pulses!

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