Grown in Totnes Expanding the range of local food and filling the gap with grains & pulses

Farewell from Grown in Totnes


It’s been an absolute pleasure to go on the journey that was Grown in Totnes over the last few years. The fun we had crowdfunding for the milling equipment; the laughter we’ve shared with volunteers at milling days; the delight of seeing our grains growing in farmers’ fields; and  sending our products to our local shops, with a sense of sending your little one off to school for the first time.

And those big conversations we’ve had, about how we feed ourselves as a community, with people from all over the world swinging by Totnes to join the conversation. Several years on, it seems the conversation has sprouted across the country and there is something of a renaissance of interest in grain. There’s the UK Grain Lab & the Heritage Grain Alliance, as well as farmers and bakers emailing us from the corners of the Isles. It’s been an honour.

So what next? After months of work the newly forming Dartington Mill CiC, made up of The Apricot Centre, The Almond Thief and Old Parsonage Farm will take Grown in Totnes into its next incarnation.

The Dartington Mill CIC are relocating the operation to a combination of their existing premises to keep costs down and streamline the operation. They plan to restart milling in January 2019, and sales of flour and grains will be handled initially by The Apricot Centre who have existing sales channels (online web shop, market, delivery round) and delivery logistics capabilities. The venture brings together crops grown in Dartington that is then milled on-site and sold to the The Almond Thief bakery for its bread, to the public and to retailers. From spring 2019 customers will be able to buy a local sourdough loaf and local organic flour, with plans to add more grains in the medium to long term.

Bob Mehew of the Apricot Centre will initially act as the contact point for Dartington Mill CiC.  Bob will periodically email customers with news and developments, to receive these communication please email Bob on:

If you are interested in learning about our experiences in setting up local grain and legume processing facilities and working with farmers then please sign up to the Transition Town Totnes (TTT) newsletter. We will be producing an interactive online document to help others to become part of the small scale crops revolution, it will be made available via the TTT website.


webcopy of wholemeal wheat



Grown in Totnes Expanding the range of local food and filling the gap with grains & pulses






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Grown in Totnes is increasing the range of local food available around Totnes. We offer peas, beans and grains for a healthy, balanced and climate sensitive diet. 

Our grains and pulses come to you from organic farms located within 30 miles of Totnes. They are processed and packed by us, in the heart of Totnes, and sold to you through local independent shops.

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